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Tao Kung the optimal health system

Let’s Do This Together

There are a number of ways that we can work together to improve your health and wellbeing, online, face to face, group and personal training. Let’s find what works best for you.

* 5% earnings from teaching Tao Kung are returned to the organisation in Indonesia

Jacqui is a wonderful trainer, calm, knowledgeable and intuitive to the group, a very strong leader. It was wonderful and will help me to strengthen my muscles and centre my feelings and emotions.

– Sharon

Talk To Me

 Take a look at the options below. I would love to talk to you if you feel that Tao Kung can work for you. I offer a free consultation over the phone or Zoom. We can discuss your needs, and I will talk to you about how the Tao Kung Health System can help you in complete confidence .

I look forward to hearing from you.


Move With Me

Power move promotion, let’s get you moving and feeling better.

My ‘Move Me ‘package is for everyone new to Tao Kung and is created to give you the best introduction to the health system. However you choose to continue to practice it is vital that we meet and we move together so you feel confident, comfortable and safe and I can really understand you and your needs.

Initial consultation

  • Initial consultation
  • 1 personal training session with me
  • Information pack
  • Online group Zoom Classes for 1 month

Click the button below to contact Jacqui & book your initial consultation

Workshops & Events

Zoom and in person workshops and events are organised throughout the year. 

Intensive training gives you the opportunity to concentrate totally on yourself and gain a deeper understanding of the way in which movement acts as a medicine, as well as sharing and connecting in a group environment.

Find details of upcoming events by clicking the button below.

Let’s Move Together

There are regular group Zoom Classes available on a weekly basis in the morning and evening you can choose which class times work with your home/work schedule.

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In-person group classes – coming soon!

Nurture Me, Move Me Forward

Train with me personally using the Tao Kung health system.

My nurture me, move me forward package is for anyone who wants personal training with intensive attention, confidentiality, flexibility, and or revved up and ready to make a change.

For whatever reasons there are times when we need personal care and attention. Are you ready to give this to yourself ?

The package will be bespoke to you, but can include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Information pack
  • Weekly personal training sessions
  • Personalised warm up and body conditioning tailored to meet your needs physically and emotionally
  • Personal comprehensive coaching through the health system forms and breathing exercises.

The Unique Way Tao Kung Can Help You

Whatever Your Circumstances

"I’m a 56 year old mum of teen twins with special needs. I struggle with emotional and physical symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. My health has deteriorated over the past few years and I have experienced breast cancer, incontinence, arthritis and ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.I had to leave my job as a primary school teacher three years ago due to poor health and carer commitments..."

Tao Kung For Teams

The inclusivity, comprehensive nature, mental and physical benefits of the Tao Kung Health System makes it the ideal practice to develop and maintain a healthy workforce.

The movements help to combat the effects of demanding and stressful roles and the physical impacts on the body of sedentary work, use of phones, keyboards and IT equipment.


  • Gently release tension, anxiety and stress
  • Replenish energy, revitalise concentration
  • Reduce strain, pressure on posture and internal organs
  • Aid relaxation and rest
  • Promote positive relations


"I really like the way you focus the movements to our individual lifestyles, like you say a number of us spend a lot of time sitting at PC , wow there's lots of stiffness brought on by this and the movements help loosen up these areas. I have also found muscles and joints I lost contact with some time ago. 🙂 As you know I'm not really (haven't been) that body aware but that is beginning to change. As I was saying last session I really struggle on the movements standing on one leg.... until ... I stopped focusing on the leg and concentrated on my core. I can do it now ! and my core is certainly getting stronger. Amazing how small movements create such energy in the body. I really look forward to our Thursday sessions, Thank you."

– Elizabeth

“Jacqui is a very knowledgeable, gentle trainer - a safe pair of hands ! After my first Tao Kung session with Jacqui my trigger finger had gone, I had the best night’s sleep in a while. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and I was thrilled that my first steps in the morning were pain-free. I am noticing less pain and loss of strength in my right arm I struggle to motivate myself to exercise, but I am always glad I made the effort to join Jacqui and her Tao Kung sessions. The movements and breathing meditations leave me feeling relaxed and at peace, and I have a much better quality of sleep. Thank you for gifting your time and sharing your passion with us."

– Dot

"I'm finding Tao Kung very meditative, which is brilliant because I've always found meditation really difficult to get into. In fact, it was so powerful that I've found that that tranquil feeling has continued through the subsequent days. I've found myself questioning this need I seem to have to be always busy and productive. It's been interesting contrasting your sessions with youtube yoga sessions which I do with friends. Yours feels a lot more personal and I feel much more present and less like a spectator. I'm also finding it a lot more relaxing, maybe due to the long warm up? I would say the warm up does as much for me as the more challenging stuff, mainly because it quietens down my busy thoughts. I really enjoyed it when you introduced the idea of receiving and giving energy, especially the idea of pushing away unwanted energy. As someone who tends to take on the feelings of those around me, I think I'll find this very useful to bring into my practice. I really noticed a difference in the movements I was making once I started being aware of the flow of energies. It somehow felt more fluid. I feel that as our teacher you act as that emotional anchor for us all and it feels very supportive. You place a high value on emotional as well as physical well-being and this thread runs through your whole practice. A great antidote to our fast paced lives giving space for relaxation and reflection."

– Sally

The Joy Initiative

Inspired by my mum

Optimal health workshops for women who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse or human trafficking. Together with the organisations and teams who support them.

To learn more contact me by phone or email for a Joy Initiatives application.


Providing the opportunity to learn Tao Kung for a woman who is ready to move on but doesn’t have the means to invest right now .

To learn more contact me by phone or email for a Joy Scholarship application.

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