Andrea’s Story

“I’m a 56 year old mum of teen twins with special needs. I struggle with emotional and physical symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. My health has deteriorated over the past few years and I have experienced breast cancer, incontinence, arthritis and ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.I had to leave my job as a primary school teacher three years ago due to poor health and carer commitments.

Making time for myself has been very hard and attempts at online Yoga during lockdown proved frustrating and painful. Desperate to overcome what seemed like a gradual slide toward disability and premature ageing, I was feeling hopeless when my friend suggested Jacqui’s Tao Kung lessons.

I was anxious about whether I could do the movements and if they would cause me greater pain , but I was really pleased. Jacqui’s calm, no pressure, gentle approach is encouraging and nurturing. Having hated gyms and fitness classes for their competitive and aggressive drive, this was soothing, non judgemental, supportive and no pressure.

The movements are gentle but work on a deep level and have a poise and delicacy that sometimes feels like dance. I could work at my own level and Jacqui offered one to one support to get to know how to work with my particular issues, not only physical but other aspects such as stress and pain and how these and lifestyle affect wellbeing. This is the beauty of Tao Kung and Jacqui’s teaching- there is an intuitive, whole-person approach which focuses on breathing, balance, energy flow, emotions and all areas of the body.

I usually leave the session with a sense of well-being and as if every inch of me has been “awoken” and worked. After only a few sessions I have already seen an improvement in my flexibility and balance. The tension in my hips is reduced and my leg and hip pain is improved, while I use the breathing exercises throughout the day to alleviate stress and steady my mind.

This isn’t just an exercise class, it’s a lifestyle change and I feel as if I’m getting back in touch with my body and myself again.”

– Andrea