The First

Tao Kung Registered Teacher

in the UK

Jacqueline Moore

Jacqui has combined her passions for movement and personal empowerment throughout her life. 

Trained in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance movement has always been her personal medicine. Like many young girls and women she experienced abuse and understands the ways in which trauma can undermine physical, emotional spiritual growth and health. 

Jacqui spent many years travelling in Asia whilst living in Bali in 1989 she had a chance encounter with students of the PGB White Crane School and their Grandmaster Suhu Gunawan Rahardja.

 The school embraced her and she became a student in Bali, later in Java at the Schools Headquarters in Bogor. She studied Silat as a Martial Art and Tao Kung as it was developed into the total health system that it is today. 

“Negative life experiences do not define who you are, they empower who you are, they are an opportunity for personal growth, wisdom and compassion.  Accepting help and opening yourself to receive from other people are as important as taking responsibility for your own healing”

Returning to the UK Jacqui continuing to study, teach and return to Indonesia when possible.  Gaining a Degree and Master degree along the way where she specialised in the understanding of movement and sacred space. 

She became an Exercise to Music Teacher, Stress Management ConsultantAromatherapist Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. 

She began her career working with women and children who have experienced domestic, sexual abuse and human trafficking, supporting and delivering empowerment groups and programmes. Whilst continuing to teach movement classes, workshops and retreats with Silat and Tao Kung. 

Living in the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District in Derbyshire she continues to teach groups and personally 1-1 as well as collaborating with other female entrepreneurs with movement choreography.  

My Vision

My vision is to create a supportive community  of women like you, who utilise the Tao Kung health system to increase joy, vitality, inspiration and energy SO THAT you have the opportunity to enjoy a loving relationship with your own body and embrace life and it’s boundless possibilities.

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