Transformational Movement

Tao Kung the optimal health system

Are You Ready?

To enjoy a complete health system of movements that will sustain and improve your physical, mental and spiritual health – making you feel stronger, healthier, more energetic and confident, both in life and in your own body?

It’s time to discover how to have optimal health & well-being – whatever your circumstances.

Is This You?

You are 40 + with a busy, stressful life. You are uncomfortable with the way your body feels, but you don’t enjoy or feel motivated to exercise, or you find the gym overwhelming.

You need to find way to move for your health, but you tried Yoga, Pilates or other classes and they are not for you.

Perhaps you think your weight, smoking, or bad habits stop you from considering wellness?

Perhaps you are pre, experiencing or post- menopausal, or you are experiencing ill health or injury.

Perhaps you are younger but with health issues that make movement a challenge, or you lack confidence and self-esteem.

Are you ready to reclaim your power and move on?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Tao Kung can work for you.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Jacqui

Jacqueline Moore has been training and teaching Silat and Tao Kung for over 30 years and is the only registered teacher of Tao Kung in the UK.

“I have total faith and believe in this system of movement and what it can do”.

Jacqui’s story is one of deep personal trauma, but her life was transformed by this practice and she is on a mission to change as many other lives as she can.  

Your Optimal Health Choices


Move With Me: 1-1 and group promotion

Move Me Forward: personal training package

Online & In Person


Lets Move Together: Regular group sessions, online & in person, newcomers, intermediate and advanced practitioners.


Morning, full day and weekend retreats and workshops throughout the year.


Reduce stress, increase energy, maintain health, and revitalize the work place environment.

How It Works


Body Conditioning

A fully comprehensive warm up and body conditioning programme of movements that optimizes your bodies potential for healthy development



Gentle forms, or moving meditations each with a specific focus in the body to bring it naturally into a state of balance, healing and regeneration



Breathing techniques for optimal health and harmony

"My health has deteriorated, I have experienced breast cancer, incontinence, arthritis, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was desperate to overcome a gradual slide towards disability, anxious that movement would cause me more pain. Jacqui’s calm, no pressure, gentle approach is encouraging and nurturing. Every inch of me has been ‘awoken and worked. This isn’t just an exercise class, it’s a lifestyle change and I feel as if I’m getting back in touch with my body and myself again ."

– Andrea, Teacher, 56

“I'm finding Tao Kung very meditative. In fact, it was so powerful that I've found that that tranquil feeling has continued through the subsequent days. Jacqui places a high value on emotional as well as physical well-being and this thread runs through her whole practice. A great antidote to our fast paced lives, giving space for relaxation and reflection."

– Sally, Artist 55

"Tao Kung with practice, gets better and better. I am beginning to feel more alive and full of optimism to embrace my mature years. I have felt such an incredible benefit from practising Tao Kung that I am taking myself off to the White Crane training school in Bogor, Indonesia for a month. This is testament to Jacqui who is a beautiful soul and passionate about her work - and to the Tao Kung movements."

– Susan, Entrepreneur 60

The Joy Initiative

Inspired by my mum

Optimal health workshops for women who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse or human trafficking. Together with the organisations and teams who support them.

To learn more contact me by phone or email for a Joy Initiatives application.


Providing the opportunity to learn Tao Kung for a woman who is ready to move on but doesn’t have the means to invest right now .

To learn more contact me by phone or email for a Joy Scholarship application.

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